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Sunbird Restaurant Fusion  Food style tapas and authentic pizza served with local wines and great cocktails. Sunbird Restaurant offers breathtaking views of Atlantic Beach and Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, and the West Coast.

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Food awakens the senses

It’s easy to wonder how powerful food can be. It’s simple. All five senses are involved in eating. We not only taste the food but also smell, touch, and feel it. When we are exposed to food, our state of consciousness is elevated. Therefore, it makes sense that if you travel with the intention of experiencing food, the intensity of your memories will be higher.

Food is powerful

Food is powerful. Food has the power to define your life and shape your dreams. Food is an integral part of life and the community. It is what makes us human beings.

It is the only way to truly travel. It’s the moments we gather around a dinner table and make new friends. SunBird Restaurant & Bar invites us to lunch with local families.

Good food is worth it

It is a serious question whether it is possible to experience the authentic, real side of a culture without tasting the food.

Entertainment and Dining

Milkwood Deli offers a relaxed breakfast with a view of the greens and Table Mountain to the distant.

For lunch and dinner later in the day, there’s the Sunbird Restaurant and Bar. Don’t forget to view


Sunbird Restaurant Fusion style tapas and authentic pizza served with local wines and great cocktails. Sunbird Restaurant offers breathtaking views of Atlantic Beach and Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, and the West Coast.

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How to maintain a healthy food balance while on vacation

Are you eager to finally plan your next vacation? You can get away for many reasons: seeing family and friends, going to the beach and getting out in nature, making new connections, enjoying good food and drinking, and spending time with your loved ones. Many people forget to take care of their regular lives and achieve their health goals while on vacation. This can make it difficult to return to regular life, exercise and healthy eating after returning. While you may be dreaming about the places and people you will see, as well as the delicious food and drinks you’ll enjoy, let us discuss ways to keep your vacation balanced.

  1. Prepare for your trip with great snacks. As we all know, there are many places you can find healthy food options, including bus stations, stations at train stations and stations at gas stations. If you make a plan and bring your favorite healthy foods, you will be on the right track (and save money). You can make homemade granola and fresh fruit or homemade trail mix. Similar: See our Healthy Recipes page for more snack ideas. If you are flying, make sure to take your water bottle with you to refill after security. Low humidity and air filtration systems in planes can cause dehydration. Don’t stop drinking, even if your thirst isn’t. Similar: 17 Healthy, Quick and Easy Snack Ideas.

  2. Start Strong. Start strong. You might make poor food choices throughout the day if you grab a quick bite of chocolate muffin as you go. You will feel full until lunchtime if you eat healthy fiber and protein. A great option would be eggs, whole-wheat toast, and fruits. You can get healthy, delicious breakfast at the local grocery store, or farmer’s market once you arrive at your destination. You can start your day with fresh fruit or low-sugar yogurt if you have a refrigerator in your bedroom.

  3. Be prepared to indulge, but not too much. Talk with yourself. What are you most excited to try? Choose one thing that you are most looking forward to each day and enjoy it with no guilt. It might be a delicious dessert to enjoy after dinner. A decadent dish you don’t get often. A second helping of your favorite food. The first few bites of a meal are the most memorable. Stop eating when you feel full. You don’t want to feel deprived and unable to enjoy your time at the museum or dancing after dinner. All of us have our favourite splurges. It is perfectly okay to indulge in them, but try not too much.

  4. Vegetables and fruits are your best friend. They are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. You don’t have to eat a lot of fresh, delicious food just because you are on vacation. You might find fruits and veggies that you don’t have at home while you are on vacation. So take advantage! As you would at home, make sure to eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetables with each meal. Vitamins and minerals will fill you up and make you feel fuller for more activities.

  5. Make your room a kitchen. No matter where you are staying, try to make some meals or snacks yourself. It’s easy to make breakfast and it can also save you money. Even if your kitchen is not fully equipped, you can still find fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market. You can also buy whole wheat bread, nut butter, and healthy cereals from the local grocery store.

  6. Take this route. Vacation can be a great opportunity to get out of the house and explore. Go on a hike with your family or explore the city. Even if you don’t like walking, think about what you enjoy doing or what you have always wanted to do. Surfing? Paddleboarding? Mountain Biking? Volleyball? Golf? You can find so many activities that you enjoy, and vacations offer the perfect opportunity to discover new ones.

  7. Avoid alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages, particularly cocktails, can lead to empty calories. A glass of wine has an average cost of 125 calories. A bottle of beer has around 150 calories. However, some vacation drinks can have up to 600 calories, such as margaritas and pina coladas. You can see how many drinks can add up. Moderation is the key to success with all things. You should enjoy yourself but not overdo it. You might consider lighter beverages like vodka soda or skinny margaritas if you are looking to drink. These drinks have around 100 calories each.

  8. Go local. Make it a point of visiting the locals wherever you are vacationing. Find out their favorite places to eat, shop for produce, take walks, and do what they do for fun. There might be a wonderful farmers market or a bakery that has a unique specialty or a place where you can have drinks with your friends. Do not rely on the internet or guidebooks – just start a conversation!

  9. Keep hydrated. This theme runs through the article. But it’s important. A good hydration is essential for proper nutrition. It ensures that nutrients reach our cells and aids in our sleep quality. It also improves our mood, mental function, and our ability to concentrate. These things are essential for everyone, but they are even more crucial when on vacation. Keep a water bottle with you at all times.

These are some tips to help you plan your next vacation. We would be remiss if this didn’t emphasize the most important aspect of any vacation: to have fun and stay safe. Relax, enjoy your vacation, and don’t stress about following any rules.

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